Leads2u is a small but dedicated Web Development business that offers all your standard services such as, website development, website hosting, domain registration, as well as a strong focus on online marketing. Our online marketing initiatives, combine two niche aspects, namely ‘pay per click‘ advertising such as Google Adwords, which is used in conjunction with a highly search engine optimised website landing page.

While we don’t aim to offer a huge range of services and we don’t try and take on more work then we can deliver, we do know our neiche market and we like to stick closely to what works for us and what we are good at!

While we are happy to develop your website anyway you want, we do like to encourage a layout that lends itself to generating leads. We specialise in lead generating websites and Adwords because it works, pure and simple. We then extend this functionality by directing traffic to a landing page specifically designed to capture your customers details, which are submitted to you so that you may call them back. Not only this, but we have a distinct focus on you being able to measure your return on investment.

We all find it hard to spend money on advertising when cash flow is tight, but when you can clearly measure the money you have invested in a specific marketing initiative yields a greater return, you are less likely to be as restrictive on your spend.

This is the beauty of this line of business, it is a win, win, win situation.

  • You win, when you generate more leads and make more sales.
  • Your customer wins, as they are given a hassle free way of being put in touch with a business that offers the product or service that matches their current requirements
  • Google wins, as it earns money from the pay per click advertising concept. (which is successful because it works!)
  • Oh, and we win as our niche business charges a nominal fee for putting it all together in a structure in line with your specific product or service, which we then monitor on a daily basis. Win, win, win, win

Let us help you realise the full potential of your business by employing the latest online marketing techniques that work.

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