leads2you test drive

Right, so youv’e read up about ‘lead generation’ and Google Adwords and now you would like to see how it works. Well we have a simple yet effective system that you can test drive.

Each next step that you need to take to explore the full funactionality that our service offers will be explained in order as you complete the current step. It should only take 5 mins to work through, but is critical in getting a good understanding as to how google adwords works, how the lead gets to your inbox and how you can grow a client database based off your leads. You will be able to view and maintain these leads when ever you feel like it, by logging into a password protected page on your own website.

Right lets get going!

Step 1) Simply take the following key words and do a search in google ‘hungry funky monkey‘ or click this link for your keywords to be submitted to google.

You should find our google advert at the top of the page in a light pink background. This is our Google Advert! Click on the advert and follow to get to step 2.



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